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This 'Scarface' Actress Mysteriously Disappeared At 18 - But Her Sister Is Still Looking For Her

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Tammy Lynn Leppert was an up-and-coming actor from Rockledge, Florida. After appearing in small roles for several feature-length films, one of which was Scarface, she planned to move to Hollywood to pursue her career. But shortly before her intended departure, she went missing from Cocoa Beach, FL, in 1983 at 18 years old. The circumstances surrounding Leppert's disappearance are odd. She began displaying erratic behavior in the months before she vanished and believed someone was out to get her. Police considered two notorious offenders as possible suspects in the case but ultimately couldn't find any connection between them and Leppert. Her mother, meanwhile, believes Tammy discovered information she wasn't supposed to know about high-level Florida officials. 

Of all the cases of people who disappeared in the 1980s, Tammy's is one of the most baffling. Detectives found few leads, and to this day, no one has heard from Tammy. Her sister, Suzanne Leppert, continues to post on missing persons forums and on Facebook in the hopes that someone will have new information about her sister's disappearance.

  • Leppert Was A Successful Beauty Queen And Actor 

    Leppert began modeling in the late 1960s as a beauty queen at the age of four. By 16, she had earned crowns from all but 20 of the pageants in which she participated, taking home over 280 prizes. 

    In 1983, Leppert began acting in feature-length films. She appeared in Spring Break and played a small role as a woman participating in a boxing match.

  • She Landed A Small But Important Role In 'Scarface'

    Leppert is best known for her role in Scarface, where she played the woman who deflects the lookout driver's attention.

    After experiencing some success, she planned to move to Hollywood from Florida in 1983. But before she could make it there, she disappeared in Cocoa Beach, Florida, on July 6, 1983.

  • After Attending A Party, She 'Came Back A Different Person,' According To Her Family

    After filming Spring Break, Leppert attended a party that seemed to change her personality. She became paranoid and avoided her family's questions when they inquired if anything was wrong. Eventually, she revealed to her mother that she believed someone was after her. Her mom recalled:

    Then she said Mom, what would you say if I told you somebody was trying to kill me. I just took a deep breath, and I said, "Do you think somebody’s trying to kill you, Tami?" She said, yes.

    Leppert grew isolated, and her parents couldn't determine which of her fears were founded and which were delusions.

  • Leppert Suffered A Breakdown On The Set Of 'Scarface'

    Leppert briefly moved to Miami, Florida, to film Scarface in March 1983. She stayed with Walter Liebowitz, who was a family friend. He claimed that everything was normal with Leppert until several days into filming. Leppert had a breakdown during a scene in which a character is fired at. According to Liebowitz:

    When Tami was watching the scene, she started crying hysterically, and it got so bad that they had to take her to a trailer. She was in a tremendous state of fear, anxiety.

    Liebowitz urged Linda Curtis, Leppert's mother, to have Leppert examined by a mental health professional. He also requested Curtis report her daughter's claims that someone was trying to harm her to police, who might be able to determine whether or not they were founded.