Gross 29 Tampon Horror Stories That Will Seriously Freak You Out  

Jessica Lawshe
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Sigh… it's the time of the month. Again. Cramps, headaches, and the need to ask your best girlfriend, "Uh… do you have a tampon?"

To make you feel a little bit better about your period, here's a list of tampon horror stories. Because trust us, there are a lot of ways wearing a tampon can go wrong: from the occasional lost and forgotten tampon, to ones that were used weapons, to crazy toxic shock syndrome tales that make it seem as tampons were created to destroy us from the inside out. These horrors have happened to numerous women, even famous pop-stars and models. In an a surprising twist, some have happened to people who aren't women (like members of boy bands and unlucky little brothers). But hey, at least they haven't happened to you, right?

The first tampons (as we think of them now) were created in the 18th century. But there's evidence that Egyptian women used papyrus ebers during their monthly visits from Aunt Flow in ancient times. Though some of these horror stories probably wouldn't happen to Cleopatra (like being known as "The Girl That Ate Her Tampon") chances are periods were just as annoying then as they are now.

If you're a girl, chances are you've experienced some of these moments. This list might make you cringe in disgust, cry with empathy, or laugh in camaraderie. We've all been there. And if you haven't personally experienced all of these moments, don't worry, chances are you will. Well, we hope not, for your sake.

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Surprise Box of Moldy Tampons

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After opening a tampon out of a recently purchased box of Kotex, Danielle Parr was horrified to find the feminine hygiene product was moldy. Yes, moldy! What's worse is that when she wrote to Kotex to let them know of their moldy product they responded that they "have found the mold to be a common environmental species that carries no health risk." 

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Death by Tampon

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Natasha Scott-Falber was only 14 when she died of toxic shock syndrome on Valentine's Day in 2013. Despite the fact that she had followed all instructions regarding tampon use, her parents believe she fell sick after her first time using a tampon. 

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Student Got TSS After Forgetting About Her Tampon for Nine Days

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That'll teach her (and you) to lose track of your tampon! A student in the UK was diagnosed with sepsis due to Toxic Shock Syndrome after she forgot about a tampon and accidentally left it in for nine days. Initially, 20-year-old Emily Pankhurst thought exam stress was causing her bloating and and weakness, but when she started slurring her words and her skin became blotchy, she knew something serious was wrong. Luckily doctors were able to save her live with strong antibiotics, although the illness left her too weak to walk long distances.
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That Time a Tampon Saved a Soldier's Life

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Photo: NZ Defence Force/flickr/CC-BY 2.0

Not exactly a horror story, but still pretty incredible.

 A care package meant for a female Marine was accidentally given to a male Marine. Initially the guy's fellow Marines gave him a hard time about it, especially the tampons. They were soon very fond of the mistake when one of the tampons from the care package was used to save another Marine's life. The soldier was shot when the convoy was ambushed. The fellow Marines plugged the injured soldier's wound with the tampon to stop the bleeding. A doctor later confided that had they not used the tampon the soldier would have most likely bled to death.

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