Unspeakable Times

A Teen Girl Was Kidnapped, And The Only Evidence They Found Of Her Being Alive Was A Horrifying Polaroid

Prior to the highly publicized kidnappings of Elizabeth Smart and Amanda Berry, Tara Calico's bizarre disappearance rocked the southwestern United States. After leaving on a bicycle ride, 19-year-old Calico, from Belen, NM, disappeared on September 20, 1988. The case never reached a resolution, but it remains open and under federal investigation. 

It wasn't just the kidnapping that shook citizens - there was a photograph discovered in a Florida parking lot located roughly 1,600 miles away from where Calico had disappeared. The photo featured a boy and young woman, and many believe the woman to be Calico. The people in the photograph appear distressed, but it is unclear if this is truly the case or simply the result of a sinister prank. Many infamous crime scene photos have shocked the public, and this particular picture is also alarming because of its ambiguity: were the people shown in the picture slain victims?

The disappearance of Tara Calico and the suspicious Polaroid are both unsolved mysteries which, for more than 30 years, have left investigators, family members, and citizens questioning everything and mourning a young woman's tragic disappearance.