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11 Things Most People Don't Know About Tarantulas

Tarantulas are some of the most bizarre and amazing creatures that walk upon planet Earth. Despite the fact that they are relatively harmless, they unfortunately garner a bad reputation, mostly due to their appearance. Considering how they are essentially just giant spiders covered in hair, tarantulas appear to most people as little more than creepy crawlies. Furthermore, the media often portrays these arachnids as aggressive monsters rather than the amazing tarantulas that they are. But if appearances were everything, many cute animals wouldn't be this dangerous.

If you get past their rather horrific appearance, you learn that tarantulas possess all kinds of fascinating traits. Many fun facts about tarantulas reveal traits unique to this particular type of arachnid, ranging from its fragile exoskeleton to its hairy defenses. And in comparison to the other scary spiders out there, tarantulas are actually relatively peaceful, more eager to avoid you than you will them. With more than 900 species discovered across every continent but Antarctica, there is plenty to learn, and still plenty to discover, about the tarantula.