Terrific Target Hacks to Save You Money 

Jessica L. Yarbrough
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If you're like us, you probably walk in to Target hoping to pick up a few essentials, and walk out with way more than you intended to buy. Did you really need decorative glitter and 14 serving trays? No. But with a few good Target hacks, you could actually be saving more than you're spending. This list details some of the best-kept Target secrets to show you exactly how to save at Target. From Target sale tips (hint: don't but items ending in $0.08) to insider coupon tricks, these Target shopping hacks that will save you major $$$ — even if you do happen to pick up a few extra, irresistible items on your shopping trip. 
Predict Whether Items Will Get Marked Down Further
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Prices ending in $.08 or $.06 will go through further markdowns, so put that item down and come back in a couple of days to snag it at a lower price! Prices ending in $.04 have most likely been through all the markdown rounds, so don't miss out!
Be Strategic About Which Day of the Week You Go Shopping
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Each department goes through markdowns on a different day. Shop on Monday to get the latest markdowns on electronics, accessories, kids' clothing, books, baby, and stationary. Shop Tuesday for domestics, women's clothing, and pet supplies. Wednesday markdowns include men's clothing, health & beauty, and lawn & garden items. Home goods, lingerie, and sporting goods are discounted on Thursdays, and Friday markdowns include auto, hardware, and jewelry. 

Shop the Edges
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Rarely will you find discounted goods down the center of the aisle! Target stocks clearance items on the end-scapes, so don't skip the shelves at either end of the aisle.
Mix Manufacturer's Coupons with Target Coupons
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Target allows its customers to combine coupons. Hunt for manufacturer's coupons and Target coupons before your shopping trip to double-up on discounts.