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Tati Westbrook’s Controversies Go Way Beyond Her Feud With James Charles

In May 2019, YouTube influencer Tati Westbrook released a video criticizing James Charles. The feud seemed to begin when Charles promoted SugarBear Hair gummies, a supplement that poses competition for Westbrook's skincare line, Halo Beauty. Westbrook expanded the scope of her accusations, however, to accuse Charles of inappropriate behavior. Charles lost millions of followers, while Westbrook nearly doubled her subscriber count.

However, Westbrook's controversial feud with Charles was hardly her first. Fans have accused her of being overly critical toward other influencers. She's also worked with makeup artists who have problematic pasts. She's even revealed strife amongst her family. Just as Westbrook's fight with Charles wasn't her first, it likely won't be her last public controversy.

  • Her Beauty Supplements Might Interfere With Birth Control

    Video: YouTube

    When Westbrook launched her beauty line, Halo Beauty, viewers criticized the Hair, Skin, and Nails Booster for containing saw palmetto, an ingredient that can allegedly interfere with birth control. It has estrogenic activity, which means it could impact hormone levels.

    However, Joshua Zeichner, who directs research in dermatology at Mount Sinai Hospital, says that there is no actual data to back up the claim that saw palmetto interferes with birth control.

  • She Had Beef With Too Faced Cosmetics

    Video: YouTube

    Westbrook and Too Faced have a history of bad blood. After Jeffree Star called out Too Faced founder Jerrod Blandino for allegedly underpaying NikkieTutorials for her collaboration on the Power of Makeup palette, Westbrook said she would no longer support the brand: "I don't think the company has great ethics. I don't really care for the vibe and what they stand for, and I think their company actually IS very two-faced."

    In a later video, Westbrook revealed she had beef with Blandino. She claimed that at the Too Faced launch for their Peach palette, she had a negative interaction with the founder. Westbrook said, "I had a really poor experience one-on-one with Jerrod Blandino. It was very embarrassing and very humiliating. He just treated me with disrespect." Westbrook admitted that after speaking to Blandino, she cried in her car on the way home.

  • She Apologized For Banning Too Faced Products From Her Channel

    Video: YouTube

    One year after banning Too Faced products from her channel following a negative interaction with founder Jerrod Blandino, Westbrook apologized. The YouTube star said she was too harsh and regretted the trouble it may have caused. She related, "I do wish in hindsight that I had never mentioned [my experience with Blandino] on my channel... I definitely did cause some upset, and I wish I could undo that. Jerrod, if you're watching this, I'm so sorry that I said what I said. I really wish I knew what the hell happened or why the exchange that we had happened that way."

    Westbrook said she wished she had moved on from the incident rather than publicizing it.

  • Fans Were Upset With Her Jeffree Star Collaboration

    Video: YouTube

    After Westbrook supported Star when he began a public feud with the makeup line Too Faced, the pair filmed a video together. Star and Westbrook applied their makeup and got ready on a private plane - but fans were not happy. Star has a contentious past riddled with controversies, such as the time he made prejudiced statements or when he publicly feuded with Kat Von D. 

    Westbrook's fans didn't hold back their opinions. One even commented on the YouTube video, "You are a reflection of the people you befriend. I thought you were the sweetest, but how can you smile and be so chummy with someone who speaks to other people, regardless of what they have said or are from, in such a derogatory, offensive and intimidating way."