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Tati Westbrook’s Controversies Go Way Beyond Her Feud With James Charles

In May 2019, YouTube influencer Tati Westbrook released a video criticizing James Charles. The feud seemed to begin when Charles promoted SugarBear Hair gummies, a supplement that poses competition for Westbrook's skincare line, Halo Beauty. Westbrook expanded the scope of her accusations, however, to accuse Charles of inappropriate behavior. Charles lost millions of followers, while Westbrook nearly doubled her subscriber count.

However, Westbrook's controversial feud with Charles was hardly her first. Fans have accused her of being overly critical toward other influencers. She's also worked with makeup artists who have problematic pasts. She's even revealed strife amongst her family. Just as Westbrook's fight with Charles wasn't her first, it likely won't be her last public controversy.

  • Westbrook Defended Jeffree Star After Their Collab And Posted A Vague Apology

    Video: YouTube

    Westbrook defended Star and said her fans didn't know the real version of him, blaming social media for skewing his image. Westbrook posted a half-hearted apology in the video's comments section, stating that she welcomes constructive criticism but won't stand for vitriol: 

    I understand the frustration that some of you are expressing over deleted comments. Unfortunately there were few hundred hateful ones... a few hundred harassing ones...100% of the hateful and harassing comments and most of the ones that said they were unsubbing were deleted and blocked from my channel.   

    Yes, constructive criticism is welcome, but it becomes nonconstructive pretty fast when thousands of people are saying the same thing. I felt it was the wrong decision to disable the comments entirely, so instead, I took care of myself and said goodbye to everyone that was hurting me. 

  • She Criticized Kat Von D's Vaccination Choices

    Video: YouTube

    In a video about which of her palettes she was keeping and which she was getting rid of, Westbrook criticized Kat Von D's vaccination choices as she discussed disposing of Von D's palette. She said, "See you later Kat Von D, go vaccinate your children... I have so much to say. I think I’m going to film a video just kind of saying my piece." 

    Von D posted on Instagram her plans to refuse vaccinations for her son, which began an online battle among her fans about the importance of vaccinating children. Von D later somewhat clarified her statement: "My husband and I are not anti-vaxxers. We are not against vaccines. Just because we have hesitancies and valid concerns about injecting our baby with specific chemicals and toxins does not mean we are anti anything."

  • Fans Declared One Of Her Palette Reviews Unfair And Biased

    Video: YouTube

    When Westbrook released a review of EmilyNoel83's palette in Makeup Revolution's line, fans were not pleased. They claimed she misrepresented the palette and didn't give the product a fair shot. Westbrook called the blush "patchy" and the highlighter "bad."

    So many negative comments poured in that Westbrook turned off comments for the video. EmilyNoel reprimanded the most hateful commenters, standing up for Tati.

  • She Got Into An Argument With YouTuber Kiki Chanel Over Her Makeup Revolution Review

    Video: YouTube

    After Westbrook gave EmilyNoel83's palette a bad review, influencer Kiki Chanel made a video disagreeing with Westbrook. Westbrook released a response video that some fans believe was too harsh, especially since Kiki Chanel runs a much smaller channel than Westbrook's and is considerably younger.

    Kiki Chanel then released a video apologizing for her criticism of Westbrook, but had to turn off the comments when they became vitriolic.