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Everything You Need To Know About The Tati Westbrook And James Charles Feud

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The mentorship turned friendship between Tati Westbrook and James Charles has long been known in the beauty influencer community. Tati Westbrook's husband and the star herself have both helped James Charles in his career, from mentioning the James Charles Morphe palette on her channel to actually helping him negotiate better deals so he could make millions of dollars. 

The pair have met each other's families and James Charles has been a staple at Tati Westbrook’s house. However, the beauty YouTuber power duo seemed to have cut ties - and in the most dramatic way possible. The James Charles and Tati Westbrook feud all seemingly began in April 2019 with the James Charles Coachella debacle and a slight to the Tati Westbrook brand. But if you ask Tati Westbrook, it started much sooner than that.

Wondering why James Charles lost millions of followers out of nowhere? Find out all about the Tati Westbrook James Charles feud below, from the CoverBoy’s alleged betrayal to what the Tati Westbrook Halo Beauty brand has to do with anything. And once you've figured out all the tea on this feud, check out our list of all James Charles' scandals, and you'll be shook the house. 

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    James Charles 'Blindsided' Tati Westbrook

    Tati Westbrook filmed that now-famous makeup-free Instagram story right after receiving the text from James Charles that he had worked with Sugar Bear Hair. 

    "My emotions just got the best of me. I never jump straight to social, but I was just so gutted... It was therapeutic for me. I don't regret it. What I said in that video basically was that I feel really lost in this community, and that's so true, and it wasn't specifically just about vitamins or about Halo, but it was just about being lied to and feeling disrespected." 

    Tati Westbrook said James Charles had nine days after Coachella to reach out to her or to stop by her house to speak to her in person, but he didn't bother until the sponsored post went up. 

    • Photo: @tati / YouTube

      'Fame, Power, And A Fat Bank Account Will Change Almost Anyone'

      Tati Westbrook said there is "so much going on with James Charles" right now that she does not support, clarifying for her audience, and to James Charles directly, "I don't want to be friends with you. I don't want to be associated with you, and I need to say that very publicly so that this chapter can be closed." 

      The influencer, who goes by @glamlifeguru on Instagram, said James Charles' apology texts became "increasingly demanding" when she didn't immediately reply to him. "I don't deal well with someone telling me that I need to accept an apology on their terms to fix their problems," she said.

      Tati Westbrook revealed she also found out James Charles had been telling his side of the story to other drama channels, which leads her to believe he doesn't actually care about their friendship. She said he's only worried about maintaining his image and running damage control.

      • James Charles Didn't Apologize To James Westbrook

        Tati Westbrook’s husband, James Westbrook, was a VP of Motion Pictures, a talent agency, and he was apparently mentored by Rowland Perkins of CAA. James Charles knows a good connection when he sees one, so Tati Westbrook said James Charles would come over to her house asking her husband for help with contracts, even asking one day if James Westbrook would be his manager. 

        He declined, but Tati Westbrook said he still helped negotiate deals for James Charles, like taking the monetization of his YouTube channel from $90 per video to a whopping $2,500 per video. 

        James Westbrook also reportedly helped get James Charles into StyleHaul, a marketing agency, when “no one wanted to work with him because of his Ebola scandal,” Tati Westbrook said. 

        The Ebola scandal Tati Westbrook is referring to is when James Charles tweeted, “I can’t believe we’re going to Africa today omg what if we get Ebola?” “James we’re fine we could’ve gotten it at chipotle last year.” He later deleted the tweet and issued an apology.

        • James Charles Doesn't Respect His Elders In The Industry

          James Charles was threatening to make a docu-series exposing the beauty community and Tati Westbrook talked him out of it. She also didn’t like how he treated Marlena from Makeup Geek. Marlena Stell is the founder of Makeup Geek, and James Charles came after her on Twitter after she announced she had an upcoming project with Netflix.

          “This woman knows nothing about the industry other than blaming her bad business decisions and personal issues on influencers. @Netflix This is absurd & I’d love to get in a room together to show you the non-bias outline I’ve already made on this subject that documents all sides,” James Charles wrote, in a tweet that has since been deleted. 

          Tati Westbrook was clearly upset about the feud, scolding James Charles:

          "I also don't think it's cool to publicly shame a woman who paved the way. Get off your high horse and have some respect. You don't have any for the people who were in this industry longer than you, and that's the sad fact."