These Miracle Products Will Completely Cover Up Your Tattoos

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Vote up the formulas that would probably make tattoo-fearing parents breathe a little easier.

Even if you have zero regrets about getting tattooed, chances are, there will come a time in your life when you want to cover up your ink. It could be your for your wedding day, a job interview, or a routine visit to grandma’s house. When that day comes, you’re going to need a foundation that completely erases tattoos.

Honestly, it’s not easy to find the perfect one. A good formula needs to be high-coverage, long-lasting, and probably waterproof, too. This list has all of the best products to make tats vanish, though. So you can stop worrying and start covering.

The next time your dad yells, “Tattoos are permanent, young lady,” show him this list with a smirk and say, “No, they’re not.”

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