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The Most Horrifying Tattoo Fails on the Internet

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Tattoos are for life, but the people on this list forgot that and decided to get some tattoos. Unfortunately for them, their new ink didn't turn out exactly like they had planned. Far from beautiful, intricate tattoos that look professionally done, these are some true tattoo fails. Maybe they should have gotten a simple spirit animal tattoonumber 7 tattoo, or a great Vegeta tattoo.

Whether it's a spelling error, artwork that just didn't translate, or a face tattoo that they almost certainly regretted, these awful tattoos are just the worst. Vote up the most unfortunate tattoo fails below, and be glad you didn't make the same choices as these people.

And once you've looked over this list, check out Mark Wahlberg's rosary necklace. You can also check out these actors with tattoos and decide whether or not they should end up on this list of tattoo fails.

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    Ted Bundy's Teeth Imprints

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    This Terrifying Baby Hole

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    A Thousand-Yard Stare

    Photo: Metaweb / CC-BY
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    The King Baby Thing

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