Tattoo Artists Describe Tattoo Ideas That Made Them Ask, 'Are You Sure?'

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Tattoos have become incredibly mainstream over the past few decades. People from all walks of life go into parlors to get amazing artwork inked onto their bodies. However, even though artists will work with customers, they won't just blindly accept any request. They usually turn down the worst ideas, or at the very least have a serious discussion with the client beforehand.

Unlike tattoo customer horror stories from people who visited less than reputable stores, these examples all involve artists questioning or even refusing to do a tattoo. Thanks to the people of Reddit, we have plenty of examples of such instances. Out of all the cases of crazy tattoo requests that shocked tattoo artists, there is little doubt that these are among the craziest out there.

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    The Ex-Wife Revenge

    From Redditor /u/Sickwarboy:

    This guy came in with a picture of his ex-wife. He told me he wanted it on his chest, but for it to look like she had gotten beaten up, missing teeth, bruises, and swelling. I was a little weirded out but I let him keep talking and he told me he has daydreams about cutting her face with a razor and making her tattoo his face on hers. I eventually told him I didn't want to do the tattoo. I'm a big guy so I wasn't scared to tell him that he should go find some help.

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    Was It The Poop Emoji Or...?

    From Redditor /u/Treesgivethebesthugs:

    When I was tattooing I had to refuse a client that wanted a tattoo of a steaming pile of poo on her face. I wish I was kidding.

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    Those Aren't Normal Lightning Bolts

    From Redditor /u/Ghonaherpasiphilaids:

    Asked to do SS lightnings bolts. I declined and she didn't understand why. Apparently she didn't know what the SS were and just thought it was a cool symbol. I gave her 20 minutes on the Wikipedia page and then she asked if we did them in blue if I would do it. I told her still no and she got angry with me and insisted it was my job to do tattoos I'm asked to do.

    The whole shop promptly informed her that, that is not at all how things work and we are free to turn down whatever work we like for whatever reasons we like. She threatened to tarnish our reputation as well. We told her she's free to do as she pleases but maybe let people know exactly why she doesn't like us.

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    Don't Get A Tramp Stamp With A Convict's Name

    From Redditor /u/100Dachshunds:

    I actually refused to do this one, an 18-year-old girl came in wanting her boyfriends name on her lower back. She had never met him. She was his prison pen pal for a month, and he was being released in a couple weeks and she wanted to get it to surprise him. No judgment on ex-cons or 18-year-old girls, but I got the impression the relationship wasn't going to last!

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    Penis Party

    From Redditor /u/GiantSquidd:

    This one guy wanted a penis with penises for arms with a penis, I just couldn't do it. It was just too stupid, and I really don't need that dude telling people that that's my work.

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    A Duckface Selfie

    From Redditor /u/kebot:

    Dude came in and asked me to tattoo a portrait of his girlfriend. Only the portrait was a duck face Snapchat selfie. I jokingly suggested adding her holding the phone, taking the selfie, but he thought it was a great idea. They've only been dating six months and he didn't tell her he was going to get it.

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