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15 Tips and Tricks For Getting Tattooed

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Are you thinking about getting your first tattoo and feel a little uneasy? It's natural to be a little nervous and have a lot of questions. Thankfully, the tattooed people of the internet are giving their top tips for the day of your new tattoo, check it out and take some notes!

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    Just Relax

    From Redditor/u/boyden

    Just keep breathing, your body builds up an [bunch] of tension when you get shocked by the feeling and stop breathing. If you continue breathing the tension releases and well... it's way easier to endure it.

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    From Redditor /u/babylina

    Placement placement placement. Sometimes I regret getting my tattoos in certain places because it makes it hard to find work. Although this is on its way out as more companies are starting to care less, it's still a pain.

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    The Dont’s And The DO

    From Redditor /u/SuperPwnerGuy

    First the Don'ts:

    Don't move while getting it done.

    Don't let anyone "set the ink" by slapping it.

    Don't sleep on it until it's healed.

    Don't scratch it until it's healed.

    Don't cover it until it's healed.

    Don't expose it to direct sunlight until it's healed.

    Now the Do's:

    Keep it clean.

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    Worth The Discomfort

    From Redditor /u/mister_kite13

    Nobody can accurately tell you what a tattoo is going to feel like for you. I watched a handful of friends all get tattoos before me, all saying that their experience wasn't as nearly as bad as they thought it would be. Then when I got mine it was horrible. It was the most grueling experience in my life thus far.

    That said I would totally get another one. Part of my bad experience was placement, but I can still see that it comes down to each person's pain tolerance, body type, etc.

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