15 Tattoo Artists Reveal Which Types Of Tattoos They're Tired Of Doing

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Tattoo artists: vote up the tattoos you wish people would stop asking for.

 If you're wondering what not to ask your tattoo artist for, these stories have you covered. These artists are sharing the tattoo designs to avoid if you want something unique. Read on to learn which things you shouldn't get tattooed, according to the artists who are tired of tattooing them.

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    Japanese Phrases For People Who Don't Speak Japanese

    From Redditor u/didacticsnow7:

    A friend told me that tattooing random Japanese sh*t when the person doesn’t even speak Japanese is pretty annoying.

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    The Names Of Partners

    From Redditor u/GiftGrouchy:

    The only time it is acceptable to get a significant-other’s name tattoo is if they have passed. Otherwise you’re just asking for the breakup clock to start.

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    Logos Of Products

    From Redditor u/niicoc_ok:

    Logos of products. Especially Monster energy drink.

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    Portraits Of Rappers

    From Redditor u/antifractuosity:

    The names of/portraits of rappers who have passed (Lil Peep, Juice World,  like I get they changed ur life or whatever but really? you want this tattooed? ok buddy just give me your money...)

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    Butterflies On Backs

    From Redditor u/chakal1983:

    Tattoo artist friend explaining his work: "Another day, another girl getting a butterfly on her back."

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    "Tribal" Patterns

    From Redditor u/maximiliano_perez_:

    As a friend of mine said a year ago or so
    If I get another tribal request or one of those pixies, I'm going to jab them in the eye!