28 People Who Don’t Know What Their Ridiculous Tattoos Mean

When it comes to the world of tattoo fails, there are several distinct classes of time honored disasters. The first, and perhaps most obvious, is the drunken tattoo which covers everything from spur of the moment permanent memorials featuring the names of soon to be exes, to super obscure tattoos with weird meanings that only exist because someone lost a bet. Here however, is a collection of ink bearers who belong to a class of tattoo fails that is perhaps even more tragic... people who don't know what their tattoos mean.

You see, at some point these folks went out to make themselves look a little more exotic. A little edgier. And at some point, culture decided that getting Asian symbols tattooed on you was the way to do that. And that's exactly what all of these are. Chinese tattoos gone terribly wrong.
Photo: via reshareworthy