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22 Serial Killers Who Are Tauruses

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Taurus serial killers are often possessive, uncompromising, and intolerable of any sudden change or complications. This serial killer birthday list will feature any famous murderers that were born between April 20 and May 20. These serial killer birthdays fall under the Taurus sign, meaning many were incredibly stubborn and driven. 

Taurus killers like H. H. Holmes were led by their desires for drastic self-care, including a life of luxury, as well as unlimited outlets for their baser impulses. Albert Fish and Karla Homolka are another two of the horrifying serial killers who have birthdays under the Taurus sun. 

If you’re a Taurus, and you were curious about serial killer zodiac signs, the below list are all the scary killers who were born under the same sun. Now, if you’ve ever wondered which is the zodiac sign with the most murders - it definitely is not Taurus. Other signs, such as Scorpio, have almost double the list of Taurus. 

Scroll on below to learn more about the infamous Taurus serial killers.

  • Photo: Prisión Vestre / YouTube / Fair Use

    Birthday: April 23, 1887

    Taurus qualities: 

    • By all accounts, Dagmar Overbye seemed reliable and responsible, working as a middle man between families looking to adopt and mothers of unwanted babies. 
    • However, what none of these women realized was Overbye, seemingly unflinching in her goal to better her life, would just kill the babies as soon as they left. 
    • Dagmar was caught for speeding forward in her plans too quickly, when a mother returned a day later looking for her child, who was know nowhere to befound. 
    • She was, however, practical, realizing when she'd been busted. She admitted to Danish police that she had killed 16 children, though she was only charged with murdering nine, due to lack of evidence.

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  • Photo: VICE / YouTube

    Birthday: April 26, 1949

    Serial killer name: The Kobe Cannibal, Pang

    Taurus qualities: 

    • Issei Sagawa painted himself into a corner by obsessing over his size and health issues, after being born with a small intestine disease called enteritis. He never got over his more diminutive size. 
    • He convinced himself that killing and eating another human would allow him to "absorb their strength," and moved full steam ahead on accomplishing this macabre goal. 
    • People born in Taurus are sensual and tactile, and consider touch and taste the most important senses. Clearly this mindset also applies to Sagawa, who accomplished his cannabil dreams in 1981. 
    • Sagawa was comitted to his hedonistic impulses, which in a cruel twist seemed to do him well. He was sent to a mental institution as the French judge ruled him legally insane and unfit to stand trail.
    • He went on to become a celebrity of sorts, with many covering his story. He even wrote books on the murder. His popularity led to him being deported to Japan, but since the French court documents were sealed, he could not be detained. He went free. 
  • Birthday: May 12, 1897

    Serial killer name: The Dark Strangler, The Gorilla Man

    Taurus qualities: 

    • Earle Nelson was uncompromising in his twisted goals, which involved attacking unsuspecting middle-aged landladies throughout the United States and Canada. 
    • Hedonism and physical pleasure were his motivating drive, as he was more of a process killer. He wasn't searching for wealth. He just enjoyed the kill. 
    • He was stubborn to the end, insisting, despite the evidence (of his 22 murders) that he was innocent.
    • Nelson was described as possessing a dual personality like Dr. Jekyll and Mr. Hyde, appearing to the landladies as a kind, Christian man looking for room, before turning on a dime and committing the murders. 

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  • Photo: Nevada Department of Prisons / Wikipedia / Fair use

    Birthday: May 9, 1938

    Taurus qualities: 

    • Carroll Cole was determined to live a life of crime, committing his first murder as an adult after years of getting arrested over and over again. 
    • He was stubborn, with a rage and M.O. inspired entirely by his abusive mother. 
    • Perhaps there was some semblance of responsibility to Cole, as he surprised officers in Dallas when he confessed to not only the three murders there, but all of his crimes, just as he was about to be ruled out as a suspect. 
    • Cole was uncompromising in his beliefs, later agreeing to face further murder charges in Nevada (when he was imprisoned in Texas), despite being advised that that could result in him facing the death penalty. 
    • He was executed via lethal injection in 1985.