Everything We Know About Taylor Swift's Super Tight-Lipped Album 'Reputation'

Taylor Swift has become a woman of mystery as of late. She who was once compelled to clasp her hands to her face in an exaggerated pantomime of surprise as she ascended the stage to collect yet another award is turning into something of a recluse. And this is especially confusing as her new album, Reputation, is set to drop on November 10th. We've seen "Look What You Made Me Do", Taylor's ode to shedding the snake skin of her former reputation and embracing her more reptilian side. We've heard "...Ready For It?' and asked ourselves... is Taylor rapping now? We've wondered who is she collaborating with and why is she lurking on fans' social media pages? But we know almost next to nothing about the content of the album.  

So let's try and figure this out for ourselves. Let's pour over every clue that has emerged in the past month and search for some meaning in all of Taylor's cryptic snake-y-ness.