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Fun Facts You Didn't Know About Taylor Swift

It would be difficult to find a celebrity whose personal life has been in the tabloids more than Taylor Swift's. Her smash hit album 1989 cemented her transition from country singer to unstoppable pop goddess, which means everyone's eyes are on the young celeb who's got a talent for dissing ex-boyfriends. We all know about her star-studded romantic past, but these Taylor Swift stories and facts say way more about who Taylor really is. Consider this list your own personal Swift wiki.

She has been involved in too many unforgettable pop culture moments to count ("I'ma let you finish" is burned into all of our brains forever) and her fiery love songs are ammunition against breakups from hell. Still, who is Taylor Swift? These facts about her childhood, personal life, and rise to fame will only make you want to be her best friend even more.

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