Taylor Swift's Haircuts, Ranked

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It's safe to say that Taylor Swift is the reigning queen of breakup makeovers, not to mention promotional style refreshes. It seems like every album cycle sees a new Taylor Swift haircut. In between hanging out with her legendary girl squad, performing for millions of people on sold-out tour stops and generally being the best, Swifty has always managed to reinvent her style just like she reinvents her music. From small town girl-next-door to edgy, white-haired femme fatale, the style evolution of Taylor Swift is never-ending and always exciting.

Like humble mortals, the 1989 queen isn't immune to sporting some questionable styles. Though those blonde, tight ringlets were arguably not one of Taylor Swift's best haircuts, her locks defined her brand and catapulted her towards being a household name.

Here are all of Taylor Swift's haircuts ranked from best to worst. Vote up the styles you love and vote down the fashion faux-pas she should probably forget ever happened.