The Best of Taylor Swift's Instagram

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Vote up all of your favorite Instagram posts from the beloved Taylor Swift!

There's nothing more fun than following your favorite celebrities, like Taylor Swift, on social media. And while, yes, they're quite fancy, and yes, they get to take selfies with other very fancy celebrity and Hollywood-type people, most celebrities are regular human beings, just like the rest of us. Thankfully, Instagram is here to give the rest of us a looking glass into these famous people's awesome lives (heavily filtered, of course).

This list showcases the best of the best of Taylor Swift's Instagram. Are these pics among the best things Taylor Swift has ever done? Maybe. The country-turned-pop star's feed is full of cats (hi, Olivia Benson!), palling around with Lena Dunham, fun times when Swift has surprised her fans, and of course, delicious looking, Taylor-made baked goods.

Not only are hundreds of thousands of people looking at and liking each and every one of Swift's posts, but many say she's as cute as a button in all of her pictures. Which ones are your favorites? Vote up the photos from Taylor Swift's Instagram account that you like the most, and make sure to follow Taylor Swift on Instagram (she may even follow you back).

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