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Jacob Shelton
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Taylor Swift might be one of the most prominent musicians ever, and she definitely has her squeaky clean, all-American persona on lock. So it’s no surprise that people are dying to know all about the Nashville-based singer/songwriter’s sex life. Taylor Swift NSFW information is really hard to come by. She’s cultivated a certain kind of character and she’s not about to let just anyone expose her for the world to see. Well guess what, after digging through piles of the Internet it turns out there's some info hidden here and there, and it's all on this list of everything you’ve ever wanted to know about Taylor Swift's sex life but were too afraid to ask.

One of the media’s favorite pastimes is to speculate about whether someone is Taylor Swift boyfriend material or not. More often than not, Swift tends to choose bad boys who eventually break her heart, and if you want the inside scoop on those relationships then keep on reading. For a pop star, Taylor Swift has an interesting connection to sex. When she’s in the spotlight she embraces her sex appeal while still shying away from it, but out of the Hollywood glare, her sex life is just as messy as anyone else's. Vote up the most interesting information about Taylor Swift’s sex life, and then make your best “Blank Space” pun in the comments.
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She Had ALL THE SEX with Calvin Harris

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Back when Taylor Swift was dating super DJ Calvin Harris, the word on the street was that they were having sex like little vanilla bunnies. A report on their bedroom habits read, "[Calvin] comes over and they will stay up talking, and may even start watching a movie–but things get steamy pretty quickly. Neither one of them are getting much sleep as they stay up till 4, 5 in the morning getting it on. If they don’t have work they sleep in, eat and then go at it some more.”
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Her Friends Like to Steal Her Phone and Take Lewd Pics

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Specifically, Cara Delevingne really likes to steal Swift's phone and take close up pictures of her breasts when she isn't paying attention. What are friends for?
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Taylor Swift Dropped Insane Cash at a Sex Shop

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To film the super-sized video for "Bad Blood," Swift and her crew borrowed clothing worth $13,000K from The Stockroom, a sex shop located in Los Angeles. Swift allegedly kept $5,000 worth of the clothes following the shoot.
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She Bought All the Porn Sites Related to Her Name

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Sorry to all you entrepreneurial domain name sitters, but you're not going to be able to launch anytime soon because she's buying up any porn sites that are attached to her name to make sure no one gets the wrong idea about her.
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