Unspeakable Times

28 Teachers Describe Former Students Who Grew Up To Be Violent Criminals

Schools, places meant for learning social and intellectual skills, are not where you expect criminals to reveal themselves. But in addition to braving dirty schools and their grime, many teachers have also faced scary and violent students who became criminals, all before anyone realized what they were capable of. At a time when kids go through the changes of adolescence, teachers witness their growth firsthand, and sometimes teachers recognize criminal behavior in students before anyone else. Teachers who watched former students become criminals often reflect back to recall if anything ever raised their suspicions in the classroom. The teachers of Reddit compiled stories of former students who ended up becoming criminals, detailing their transitions from the schoolyard to savagery. 

Poor parenting and outdated punitive measures are named as determining factors by these teachers who taught criminals. Because of this, a few teachers with criminal students expressed regret for not managing to help their pupils earlier on. But some other students, simply put, arrived to this world as bad eggs just waiting to hatch. Even still, each story from teachers who taught criminals reveals a tragic instance of youthful potential snuffed out, something even the worst of teachers hate to see happen.