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Teachers Describe The Scariest Things They Have Ever Confiscated

Textbooks. Pencils. Needles. Turtles. Yes, all of the above. As teachers have discovered, a student's backpack, locker, or pocket can contain the usual academic accessories, or sometimes things that are unexpected, illicit, or even reptilian. 

Although finding disturbing things students bring to school is not uncommon, it is still unsettling to find a pet turtle packed in a gym bag. It's downright scary when children bring something dangerous, and sad when they're expected to hustle for the family business at their elementary or middle school. And boarding schools or elite institutions are no exception. 

Teachers on Reddit have shared the most disturbing items they've confiscated from students - even preschoolers. After checking out the most disturbing things these Redditors found, maybe thank a teacher today for all the tasks they do that go beyond teaching.  

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    A Third-Grader Made His Own Shiv

    From Redditor /u/TrippinLSD:

    In a third-grader's locker, [my mom] found a chisel-tip Sharpie. It was hollowed out and a scissor blade was inserted into the marker case. Duct tape was used to pad and hold the blade into place.

    The kid said he was going to use it on another student.

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    She Thought Bringing A Body Part Was Cool

    From Redditor /u/ligamentary:

    Human finger.

    She insisted she'd found it by the ravine and just thought it was cool, so [she] kept it until she'd decided what to do with it. But that means she'd either found a lone finger or she was leaving out a part of this story.

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    She Was Tracking Her Teachers' Lives

    From Redditor /u/itellteacherstories:

    A student came running to me during a break once and wanted to drag me to a class to show me something. I went along and once there he directed me to a student’s desk. There was an open notebook lying on the desk, detailing my full name, birth date, address, license plate, and other insane stuff. We immediately took her to the office after she returned, police were called, and they confiscated her phone.

    She had an entire album titled “teachers” or “professors” (I don’t remember), and quite literally every single teacher she had had was in there. I was in four pictures, some of which she took secretly in class. The others were old... pics from my old Facebook.

    I was a bit creeped out to be honest.

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    A Third-Grader Brought Nail Clippers - But Not For Nail Clipping

    From Redditor /u/expletiveinyourmilk:

    I teach 4th grade; my third year teaching I had this girl in my class from Saudi Arabia. The first few months in my class, she was very quiet and reserved, but as the year went on, she opened up and quickly became one of my favorite students.

    She was funny and sarcastic and she started playing with us at recess. I always play football with my students and she was great at juking kids out. She was great at making a quick cut and getting away from everybody and just burning them with her speed.

    So, one day we are out playing and there is a third grade class out at recess. This one kid asks if he can play and I tell him sure. My Saudi Arabian girl jukes him out once and scores and it gets this third grader pissed off. I tell him to cool it and that we're just playing for fun. Her team gets the ball again eventually and I throw it to her, she jukes the kid and scores again.

    He runs up to her and then she runs over to me and she looks horrified. She tells me that the little boy just pulled a knife on her and told her that if she juked him out again that he was going to stab her in the throat.

    I am a male, but if anyone messes with my students, I go full on mama bear mode. So, I immediately yell "HEY!" and start marching over to this third grader. He takes off running over to the table where his jacket is and picks it up. His teacher is staring at me confused and I start interrogating him.

    He tells me that he didn't tell her that, that she's lying and that he doesn't have anything. He empties his pockets for us and says he doesn't have anything. I notice he's holding his jacket pretty tight, so we tell him to give it us.

    He starts bawling and hands his jacket to us. He had torn a hole in the interior lining and had hidden a pair of nail clippers. We showed them to my student and she said that he had pulled out the filer that had a hook on the end and that is what he had threatened her with. Our SRO was called and he got taken into custody and was expelled from school.

    Blew my mind that this third grader was going to try to shank my student because she was faster than him. I miss that girl, she went back to Saudi Arabia at the end of the year. I think about her now and then and hope she's doing okay.