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People Describe The Craziest Reasons Teachers At Their School Got Fired

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Being a teacher is one of the least forgiving jobs out there, but that doesn't mean every teacher is a saint. Sometimes they snap and end up getting fired, but other times their firing was just a harmless incident taking out of proportion. These are the craziest ways that teachers have ever been fired.

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    He Ditched The Class During A Canoe Trip

    From Redditor u/ajk9613:

    In high school for PE, our teacher took us canoeing. Instead of checking the weather, he brought 15 freshmen into the channel our school was on. A severe thunderstorm hit, and our teacher paddled safely back to school and left us teens in the water.

    We tied our canoes together and rowed back to school, but we were drenched and super late. Our teacher was just standing on the dock, not a care in the world. He got fired, like, two days later.

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    He Had The Class Working For The Mafia 

    From Redditor u/SnooHabits8041:

    I went to high school in the early '80s in a tiny rural Appalachian town 35 miles from the closest traffic light.

    We had classes that taught auto mechanics, one that taught carpentry, had a motorcycle riding class, a rifle shooting class, and classes for welding and machine shop with lathes and milling machines, etc.

    The teacher of the machine shop got arrested for making silencers for the Mafia. And half the stuff he had us making as class projects on the lathes and milling machines were items he used in making them.

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    He Brought His Romantic Life To Work

    From Redditor u/runatbackturbo

    Not my school, but one in my general area had an entire lunch period’s worth of students watch a male teacher scream at his wife (female teacher in the same school) after catching her with the janitor. In school.

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    She Was Fired For 'Living In Sin'

    From Redditor u/happyfunisocheese:

    Two excellent teachers at my high school, Miss Someone and Mr. Something, fell in love and moved in together and later got married. When they moved in together, the Catholic high school fired her for "living in sin," but he got to keep his job.