Exasperated Teachers Share Horror Stories Of The Worst Helicopter Parents They Ever Encountered

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Over on Reddit, overworked and underpaid teachers share stories of helicopter parents who made their lives pure, unadulterated hell. Here are just a few stories of bubble-wrap parents who need to learn to cut the apron strings. 

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    She Would Spoon Feed Him Lunch

    Posted by a Redditor:

    During my student teaching I had a student who's mother was the definition helicopter parent. He was supposedly "gifted" so she made sure to inform us we were wrong in our grading if he received anything less than an A.

    She would come in every morning and unpack his backpack for him. If she was there for lunch, she would spoon feed him.

    This was a 3rd grader.

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    'I'm Secretly Recording You!'

    From Redditor u/daleene:

    I had a third grade student whose mother felt that I favored other students over her son. She would call me and yell at me about not treating him fairly and lying. She snuck past the office a few times to come into the classroom to watch me teach (which of course is illegal and I’d have to call the office).

    She’d tell me and the principal that she was trying to “catch me in the act [of being dishonest].” (Of course my principal always defended me and dealt with the parent.)

    As a final straw, the mother bought a watch with a voice recorder in it and the boy wore it to school. He yelled out in the middle of class suddenly, “I’m secretly recording you and you won’t teach here for much longer!” (An 8-yr-old!) Of course the watch was confiscated and the child was moved into a different classroom, though the school district could have legally moved him into another. But the mother still never backed down and the next teacher had similar issues.

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    Home Movies

    From Redditor u/Ginnylala:

    A parent who volunteered in her child’s classroom just to video tap e her child all day, everyday. She threatened to sue if we did not allow her to. She did this all through elementary.

    It ended in middle school when they told her no. She stood outside the fence and video taped him at PE. Someone saw this and called the police. She pulled her kid and home schooled him.

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    A Mother Who Gave Teachers A List Of Her Expectations

    From Redditor u/WarriorBug:

    I work at a small school, and we have a student whose mom is the worst helicopter mom I've ever seen. At the start of each school year, mom emails all of the student's teachers with a list of "expectations", which include handing back ALL assignments (regardless of length) within the week unless the assignments were received on Friday, in which case they need to be handed back on Monday. Other expectations include always being ready for mom to drop in for a meeting, as mom believes that teachers who require appointments are really just trying to buy time to prepare a story for her.

    She has sent abusive emails to colleagues that have been so bad, the principal has told several teachers at the school not to allow contact with mom without him present.

    When I had the student, mom came to me and demanded I cancel a student club I had running in my room so she could review in detail each correction I had made on her student's paper. When I told her I'd be happy to review it but wouldn't cancel the club, she accused me of violating her student's FERPA rights and reported me to my principal (who can't stand this woman).

    My favorite story (from a co-worker not in my department) is when the student's mom came in without an appointment to demand from a much older, battle-seasoned teacher that he change her student's final exam grade to a higher grade, because the student's score made them JUST ineligible for 4.0 Honor Roll. The student had something like an 89.93 in the class, and when mom went in to argue, I remember being in the hall and hearing the teacher yell, "Are you out of your mind, Mrs. ___?! Get the hell out of my classroom."

    She walked out rather shaken, muttering something about the ACLU. That teacher is now the staff hero.

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    'Hell No!'


    From Redditor u/joeyf11:

    While I was student teaching I had a student and his mom was the art teacher. The student was a straight up douche. Would cheat on any assignment, belittle classmates, etc... Any time the student got in trouble or called out he would run to his mom (the art teacher) and she would fight for him.

    All the teachers in the schools were afraid of her since she has been in the district for a long time and was thought to do no wrong by the administration.

    The student ended up plagiarizing an essay in class. I gave the student a zero (as it was stated in the assignment sheet that all plagiarism would be an automatic zero) and all hell broke loose. Meetings with the principal were set up, mom would come in during my plan period and rip my a** for failing her kid, and the student would come fake crying to class the work.

    The essay was a large portion of the grade and would mean he would fail the class. After about two weeks of the mom coming in I finally told her if he turned a new essay into me by the end of week he could get 50% credit on it (would move his grade to a “D” if he got a 100%).

    The student comes waltzing in to class on Friday and hands me his essay. After quickly scanning the essay it just seemed off. After a quick google search, the student took the entire Wikipedia page and copied it for his essay. After school, I went down to the art room to talk to the mom. I still remember the conversation like it was yesterday.

    Me: M***** did a great job on his essay!

    Mom: Great! He was locked up in his room all week working on it.

    Me: When I looked at his paper I did notice there was an odd section though.

    Mom: What do you mean?

    Me: This section has a superscript number on it and I don’t see where he citied it.

    Mom: That is odd, I’ll ask him about it.

    Me (pulls out the printed Wikipedia page over his topic that is [copied] word for word): Here is the Wikipedia page over his topic if you want to look at.

    Mom (scanning over both and her face turns ghost white): Will he be able to make this up?

    Me (with a look of disbelief on my face): Hell no!

    The student ended up getting suspended and mom tried to fight the suspension. She even went as far to look into the legitimacy of the grade since a student teacher taught the course. All in all, the mom is no longer a teacher in the district and the kid is in jail for selling drugs. The rest of the staff loved me for standing up to her and her so.

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    'It's Not His Fault!'

    From Redditor u/Jillish:

    I had a student a few years ago whose mom would email all his teachers every single day wanting to know what we had done in class (we have websites with class calendars on them). It got so bad that the school eventually told her that she could only email once a week.

    Later that year, the student turned in a research paper, and the first paragraph had been stolen word for word from a website. I printed out the web page, gave the kid a zero, and wrote a referral for cheating.

    Hours later, the mom emails me furious that I would accuse her son of cheating. I explained the situation, and she told me "Oh, it wasn't his fault! He had been too busy to type it, so I did it for him. I wanted to spruce up the intro a little bit, so I added that little extra bit. I guess I forgot to add the source."

    Seems legit...