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Teachers Share The Most Interesting Thing They've Ever Confiscated From A Student

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Have you ever had something of yours confiscated by a teacher? What ever happens to that item after? Do they throw it out or cherish it for years to come? Teachers of Reddit have weighed in and are sharing their stories of the best finds they've ever been able to confiscate from their students. And the stories are impressive. Courtesy of Redditor PopRockReaper.

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    Middle School Kid Brought A Taser

    From Redditor u/magnummentula:

    Educational assistant, but whatever. A makeshift taser. This kid had rigged up a "taser" using a couple of 9v batteries, wire, tape, and some sort of button from what could have been a toy.

    It wasnt dropping kids, but it was enough to make you jump. I was impressed, but also wanted to pull the little sh*ts arms off and slap the snot out of him with his own arms because he kept stabbing girls in the chest with it. Middle school kids are a weird point where they are too smart for children, but are certainly not human.

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    A Teacher Literally Paid For Her Confiscation

    From Redditor u/-EvidenceOfSin-:

    Had a teacher confiscate/ pay for a raunchy drawing. We had a really good artist in our science class and during the lesson he drew our science teacher as one of Jack's French girls. She was so impressed with the work she said "wow, that's incredible, highly inappropriate. But incredible. Wait right there" got her purse out and gave him £10 for it while explaining why you should only draw life models and not in science class.

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    A Toddler Had Dragonflies

    From Redditor u/plzupvoteme:

    Live Dragonflies.

    He was a little 4 year old boy that would never listen to any of the rules and generally just cause a lot of trouble. Anyway, he would catch dragonflies, without harming them. When you told him to release them he would open his backpack and 2 or 3 dragonflies would fly out.

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    A+ For Creativity

    From Redditor u/Fortesfortunajuvat27:

    An uno switch card that he tried to use on me when I announced that he was getting a detention.

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