Teachers Reveal The Craziest Rumors About Their Students That Were Actually True

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No one knows what's really going on around a school better than the teachers. They know all the disturbing stories from the education system, and they've witnessed insane parent-teacher interactions. The educators of Reddit commiserated and decided to tell all their sordid tales. Who is doing what with whom? Which fellow instructors are cheating on their spouses with students? What kind of serious issues will students fake to get out of homework?

Around every corner of every hallway in middle school and high school, there is a potential scandal waiting to get its wings. Most of these rumors are nothing more than hearsay, often the silly tale of some scorned freshman with a broken heart. There aren't many student rumors based in truth, but every once in a while, a juicy story comes along that has some real legs.

School walls can't talk, but when teachers share their crazy rumors on Reddit, it's the next best thing.

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    Student And Teacher Relationships Rarely End Happily

    From Redditor /u/mara_sage

    When I was in high school there was a rumor about a math teacher and one of the seniors dating. I thought it was bs gossip until one day a sub shows up instead of Miss H. Turns out they were dating/sleeping together. A couple years later they're living together, he comes home from work and finds her in bed with a different student from her current school.

    He stabs and kills the new student and is now locked up.

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    'My House Exploded' Is The New 'The Dog Ate My Homework'

    From Redditor /u/MCyorke:

    [My] student couldn't hand in their assignment because there was an explosion in their house. Having heard many excuses before I was very skeptical to say the least. An hour later guidance called me down to inform me that the student had been living with some sort of drug dealer and their apartment had indeed experienced an explosion due to drug-related equipment.

    I didn't see that one coming and the student got an appropriate extension on the assignment.

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    Roller Coasters Are One Sure Way To Induce Delivery

    From Redditor /u/scribble23:

    A group of giggling 12-year-olds in my class told me that one of their fellow students wasn't in today as she was pregnant.

    I phoned home, fully expecting this to be some stupid rumor started by the kids on the schoolbus that morning. But no, my 12-year-old student was not only pregnant, but had actually given birth in her bedroom during the night. She was a little overweight anyway and wore big baggy jumpers (everyone did back then so nothing unusual there) so no one noticed at all and she told no one, claiming she had no idea.

    I'd taken them all on a school trip to Alton Towers theme park the day before and she'd been on all the roller coasters and rides! No wonder she gave birth...

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    This Girl's Family Involved Her In An Immigration Scheme

    From Redditor /u/NightwingDragon:

    There was a girl in one of the middle schools that I work at. Seventh grade. It became pretty obvious that she was several months pregnant, and obviously people started talking.

    Come to find out that the girl's family married her off to some sicko in the Dominican Republic. According to what was going around, they took a trip down there, married her off, and he got her pregnant, with the goal of using her and the baby as a way to make it easier for the father to immigrate. Not sure how well this would have worked, but this was the rumored plan.

    The rumor started to pick up some serious traction very quickly once she started showing and it became obvious she was pregnant. She apparently confided in someone that she was not a willing participant in any of this. The authorities got involved and made a visit to the home. Not sure what happened. They went to go make a second trip and the entire family disappeared. We have not seen or heard from the girl since and have no idea if she's in a different part of the state, the country, or went back to the DR.

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    The Proud Family Of An Adult Film Star

    From Redditor /u/lolahasahedgehog:

    Male student was sharing [an adult video] at school. Once confronted he said, "I just wanted to show them my sister."

    Parents confirmed that the actress was indeed his sister and that they were very proud of her success.

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    From Gang Life To Witness Protection

    From Redditor /u/juicethebrick:

    Student (Mike) walked into a situation where a boyfriend was stabbing his girlfriend in a grocery store. Mike assisted her... probably saving her life. Mike got stabbed in the hand for his trouble. At the time, a lot of other students were saying Mike was in a gang and that dude was an idiot for attacking Mike.

    A few years later, Mike got beat to within an inch of his life for attempting to steal [drugs] from his own gang. Mike was eventually the key witness in a federal racketeering case and disappeared (probably witness protection).

    Never believed the rumors until I heard about his second misfortune. Such a range of feelings towards his life choices.

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