31 Wild Times People Mistreated Perfectly Innocent Computers

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If you're reading this you're on a computer. You probably use one everyday and take its magical microchips for granted. If you're like any of the people on this list (pulled from r/techsupportgore) than you're wildly neglectful of your poor innocent computer. Seriously, these people treat tech in ways we never thought possible.

  • 1. Big Yikes

    Big Yikes
    Photo: u/Spearton_5 / Reddit
    20 votes
  • 2. Literal Grounding

    Literal Grounding
    Photo: u/68ew4qf1eqwfb2 / Reddit
    17 votes
  • 3. Haunted

    Photo: u/_bhgt_ / Reddit
    17 votes
  • 4. Closet Computing

    Closet Computing
    Photo: u/DR_FRIES / Reddit
    15 votes
  • 5. Paint By Numbers

    Paint By Numbers
    Photo: u/Mr_PoodlePants / Reddit
    15 votes
  • 6. But What Cleans Up The Rice?

    But What Cleans Up The Rice?
    Photo: u/jeff_ohh / Reddit
    14 votes