27 People Who Spiced Up Our Timeline By Technically Telling The Truth

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Every now and then someone logs on to the internet and chooses to spread a little chaos by technically telling the truth. Enjoy!

  • 1. No McDonalds

    No McDonalds
    Photo: u/Ok-Yogurt-6831 / Reddit
  • 2. Step One

    Step One
    Photo: u/Illustrious_Guitar_6 / Reddit
  • 3. Visual Dad Joke

    Visual Dad Joke
    Photo: u/GuiltySpongebob / Reddit
  • 4. A Two-fer

    A Two-fer
    Photo: u/DankerTron2 / Reddit
  • 5. End Of An Era

    End Of An Era
    Photo: u/Hedwigwinrie / Reddit
  • 6. Do You Personally Know Them?

    Do You Personally Know Them?
    Photo: u/Tall_Boi_Matt / Reddit