27 Sassy People Who Chose Chaos By Technically Telling The Truth

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Just because someone gives a true answer doesn't mean it's the right answer. As seen on r/technicallythetruth, here are some of our favorite sassy takes. Be sure to vote up your favorites.

  • 1. Later Is Undefined

    Later Is Undefined
    Photo: Twitter / Reddit
    87 votes
  • 2. It's Not Wrong

    It's Not Wrong
    Photo: u/Master756 / Reddit
    86 votes
  • 3. Never Getting A Straight Answer

    Never Getting A Straight Answer
    Photo: u/siempremajima / Reddit
    80 votes
  • 4. Always Give 100%

    Always Give 100%
    Photo: u/ankitrocks1986 / Reddit
    59 votes
  • 5. Muttering While Cooking

    Muttering While Cooking
    Photo: u/naturebeatsnurture / Reddit
    121 votes
  • 6. Someone Invent A Tree

    Someone Invent A Tree
    Photo: Twitter / Reddit
    108 votes