27 Wild Times Someone Chose Chaos By Telling The Truth (Technically)

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Just because something is true doesn't mean it's correct. Here are some of the best times when someone told the technical truth but it was still so wrong. You can find more posts like this at r/technicallythetruth. Be sure to vote up your favorites.

  • 1. Points For Not Wrong

    Points For Not Wrong
    Photo: u/Brielle-_- / Reddit
  • 2. Wendy's Moments

    Wendy's Moments
    Photo: u/ZhadowKatt / Reddit
  • 3. Be Your Own Zookeeper

    Be Your Own Zookeeper
    Photo: u/Brielle-_- / Reddit
  • 4. 'Coco' Detail

    'Coco' Detail
    Photo: u/SomeoneFromGalar / Reddit
  • 5. These Rules Are Pretty Loose

    These Rules Are Pretty Loose
    Photo: u/BeardedFrenchie / Reddit
  • 6. Pick Up The Pace

    Pick Up The Pace
    Photo: u/NorgateTv / Reddit