29 Times People Found A Funny Loophole By Saying Something That's Technically True

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Just because something is true doesn't make it right, as most of the posts in this list will prove. As seen on r/technicallythetruth, it goes to show that sometimes telling the truth is just wrong. 

  • 1. We All Have Our Symbiotes

    We All Have Our Symbiotes
    Photo: u/backinthe2000s / Reddit
  • 2. Math Cake

    Math Cake
    Photo: Reddit / Twitter
  • 3. Larger Than A Baby

    Larger Than A Baby
    Photo: u/Anteraji / Reddit
  • 4. No One Knows

    No One Knows
    Photo: u/anshj21 / Reddit
  • 5. Sneaky

    Photo: u/socksforgacha / Reddit
  • 6. Box Of Memories

    Box Of Memories
    Photo: u/SampleSwimming8576 / Reddit