29 Times People Were Real Sassy By Technically Telling The Truth

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Just because an answer is true doesn't mean it's correct. You can find more of these sarcastically sassy posts at r/technicallythetruth

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Photo: @pjayevans / Twitter

  • 1. Don't Dump Your Pocket Change

    Don't Dump Your Pocket Change
    Photo: @noony0g / Twitter
    2,219 votes
  • 2. Turns Out...

    Turns Out...
    Photo: u/LMF5000 / Reddit
    2,792 votes
  • 3. Snoop Dogg Is Always Right

    2,695 votes
  • 4. A Dad Joke Never Hurts

    A Dad Joke Never Hurts
    Photo: u/Canutethe_Great / Reddit
    1,693 votes
  • 5. Truth In Advertising

    Truth In Advertising
    Photo: u/bergerrc96 / Reddit
    2,166 votes
  • 6. God Hates Plants

    God Hates Plants
    Photo: u/outof_reach / Reddit
    2,434 votes