31 Funny Times People Chose Chaos By Technically Telling The Truth

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Just because something is true doesn't mean it's correct. As seen by the people on this list, you can tell the truth and still be way off. You can find more posts like this at r/technicallythetruth. Be sure to vote up your favorites.


  • 1. Bit Of A Win/Win

    Bit Of A Win/Win
    Photo: u/Otherwise_Scientist2 / Reddit
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  • 2. Blow Out Your Equation

    Blow Out Your Equation
    Photo: Reddit / Twitter
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  • 3. Butterflies

    Photo: u/Nexus-Point / Reddit
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  • 4. You Brought Up The Bear

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  • 5. Where's The Lie?

    Where's The Lie?
    Photo: u/Ronisnothere234 / Reddit
    1,158 votes
  • 6. Interesting Stats

    Interesting Stats
    Photo: u/Year-20-20 / Reddit
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