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A Timeline Of Ted Bundy’s Years-Long Killing Spree

There are few offenders more infamous than Ted Bundy, born Theodore Robert Bundy. In 1989, he confessed to 30 slayings in seven states, although investigators suspect the exact figure is closer to 100.

The timeline of the chilling story of Bundy’s spree documents everything from when he took his first life to the infamous night he spent in the Chi Omega sorority house to his girlfriend, Elizabeth Kloepfer, reporting him to the police. 

At the end of his run of vicious activity, Bundy stood trial and was sentenced to capital punishment. Before he passed, he sat down with investigators and detailed the events of his life, his reasons, and his actions. 

  • Photo: Associated students, Woodrow Wilson High School / Wikimedia Commons / Public Domain

    August 1961: He Possibly Claimed His First Life

    On August 31, 1961, when Bundy was 14 years old, 8-year-old Ann Marie Burr went missing from her home in Tacoma, WA. While Bundy repeatedly denied involvement in the incident, many believe Ann Marie was his first victim. Bundy only lived a few blocks away and was up early to deliver newspapers on the morning of her disappearance.

    In 2011, a sample of Bundy’s DNA was submitted for testing in the hope of finally determining whether Bundy was involved in Anne Marie’s case. Unfortunately, there wasn’t enough measurable DNA collected at the scene to provide an answer.  

  • January 1974: He Committed His First Known Assault 

    Bundy’s first known attack was against 18-year-old Karen Sparks in January 1974. He broke into her apartment while she was asleep. Though Karen survived, she spent over a week unresponsive and was left permanently disabled. 

  • February 1974: He Committed His First Known Slaying 

    In early February 1974, less than a month after Karen Sparks, Bundy committed his first known slaying. He broke into Lynda Ann Healy's apartment; she was a 21-year-old psychology major and local radio reporter. 

    Along with taking Healy, Bundy allegedly dressed her in the clothes she’d worn the previous evening, as the entire outfit was missing from her room despite her having changed before bed. Her remains were discovered a year later on Taylor Mountain, alongside multiple others. 

  • Photo: Salt Lake County (Utah) Sheriff's Department / Wikipedia / Fair Use

    March-June 1974: He Carried Out Multiple Slayings In The Pacific Northwest

    During the summer of 1974, Bundy seized several young women at the University of Washington. Each of them looked very similar, with long center-parted hair. Bundy’s method involved him inventing an impairment; he usually had his arm in a sling or had crutches and a leg cast. Bundy then asked women for help carrying books to his tan Volkswagen Beetle - often parked some distance away in a remote location.

    Some women were fortunate enough to get away, either declining his advances or growing suspicious and retreating. During those infamous months in 1974, however, Bundy assaulted Donna Gail Manson on March 12, Susan Elaine Rancourt on April 17, Roberta Kathleen Parks on May 6, Brenda Carol Ball on June 1, and Georgann Hawkins on June 11.