The Most Lovable Characters On 'Ted Lasso,' Ranked

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With the second season of Apple TV+ hit Ted Lasso now finally upon us, it's important to reflect on all the reasons people love the show: Heart. 

Never cynical or mean, the tale of an American football coach who goes to England to coach soccer (where it's ironically known as "football") reminds us that the classic "fish out of water" story can also be incredibly uplifting. The characters are all flawed. But they're trying. And in the end, they support each other and make each other better. 

With such compelling characters, we're rooting for all of them. But now it's time to vote up the ones who most warm your soul. 

Oh, and one more thing, gang: Believe.

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  • Ted Lasso
    Photo: Apple TV+
    303 VOTES

    Actor: Jason Sudeikis

    Why We Love Him: His eternal (and sometimes completely unjustified) optimism can often carry the day - although we're starting to feel like Ted's ever sunny disposition hides some internal demons. 

    303 votes
  • Roy Kent
    Photo: Apple TV+
    316 VOTES

    Roy Kent

    Actor: Brett Goldstein

    Why We Love Him: For a man who mostly expresses himself through growls and scowls, Roy Kent's journey from star footballer to a man nearing the end of his career has led to much drama so far. But no matter how hard he tries, Roy can't hide his softer side - even if he'd punch you out for finding it.  

    316 votes
  • Sam Obisanya
    Photo: Apple TV+
    276 VOTES

    Sam Obisanya

    Actor: Toheeb Jimoh

    Why We Love Him: Like Ted, Sam too is a fish out of water, far from his home in Nigeria in the U.K. to put his football talents to good use. But he has managed to settle in nicely, wielding an easy-going demeanor while also willing to earnestly speak out when he needs to be heard. 

    276 votes
  • Higgins
    Photo: Apple TV+
    215 VOTES


    Actor: Jeremy Swift

    Why We Love Him: Perhaps the most consistently dissed and marginalized character on the show, Higgins seems to linger in the background hoping his PR work will somehow get noticed. But his understated style masks a competence and loyalty that is only now starting to emerge.  

    215 votes
  • Rebecca Welton
    Photo: Apple TV+
    235 VOTES

    Rebecca Welton

    Actress: Hannah Waddingham

    Why We Love Her: Ted Lasso began with Rebecca Welton trying to sabotage her own team by hiring someone with no soccer experience to coach. But she soon became Ted's biggest fan, and we discover that her initial obsession was rooted in her ex-husband Rupert's mistreatment of her. These days, we just want her to win.

    235 votes
  • Dani Rojas
    Photo: Apple TV+
    229 VOTES

    Dani Rojas

    Actor: Cristo Fernandez

    Why We Love Him: Dani Rojas seems to brighten every scene he enters, even if they are few and far between. It's as if the love of the game oozes out of every pore as he finds joy in every aspect of its many intricacies - and he's always a team player.  

    229 votes