All Of Ted's Significant Others In 'How I Met Your Mother'

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Ted Mosby, protagonist of the long-running CBS sitcom How I Met Your Mother, dated a lot of women before finally meeting the one he would settle down with by the end of the show. Ted's girlfriends could be catalysts for change in the series, featured either as repeating characters to highlight his growth over the years or sometimes used for simple comedic effect during one episode.

It is remarkably odd that 2030's Future Ted deems it appropriate to regale his children with tales of not only his most important girlfriends before eventually meeting their mother, but of his romantic escapades as well. Without his unusual storytelling, however, we wouldn't have nine seasons of Ted Mosby's girlfriends walking out on him and leaving us with the anticipation of who the mother is. And as Ted's girlfriends can attest, he is a bit of a jerk