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TED Talks
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Each year, the annual TED conference features a number of compelling presentations (in 18 minutes or less) about projects that leading minds are working on in technology, entertainment and design. The ideas introduced in the technology field are, not surprisingly, mind-blowing. These videos are just some of the incredible ideas that TED attendees have learned about - and now, you can too. This list is VoteRanked, so be sure to vote for your favorite videos and ideas!

Eli Pariser

Author and organizer Eli Pariser discusses the potential pitfalls of web companies tailoring their services to visitors. He argues in this TED talk that such a narrow focus on personalized search may ultimately create online "filter bubbles." Instead of broadening our world view, it actually has the potential to limit us to a much smaller picture.
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Ed Boyden

In this talk from TED 2011, MIT Media Lab's Ed Boyden, leader of the Synthetic Neurobiology Group, demonstrates a way to potentially use "neural prosthetics." What does that mean? He explains that certain genes are inserted in the brain and then controlled (turned on or off) using special fiber-obtic implants.
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Dennis Hong

In this compelling TED talk from TED2011, Dennis Hong, founder of the Virginia-based robotics company RoMeLa, talks about building a vehicle for the visually impaired. Such a vehicle could allow a blind person to drive safely and independently, through the use of robotics, GPS and other mechanisms.
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Aaron Koblin

In this TED talk from 2011, artist Aaron Koblin explores how modern technology can be used to show everything from cultural trends to travel and how we live our lives. His visually stunning images paint a portrait of how society functions.
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