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Teddy Ruxpin Horror Stories

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The glassy stare. The slowly moving mouth. And the voice – dear god, the voice. It's no wonder there are so many creepy stories about Teddy Ruxpin. For children of the '80s, Teddy Ruxpin horror stories are a dime a dozen. That bear is beyond scary. How did it ever become the best-selling toy of 1985 and 1986?

Sure, Teddy Ruxpin looks innocent. He's a shirt-clad bear equipped with a tape deck; just pop in a proprietary cassette, and he'll tell you stories and sing songs. Call it the uncanny valley or blame it on children's overactive imaginations – that bear is up to no good.

There's just something unnerving about machines covered in fake fur. Just like Furbies, Teddy Ruxpins are known to act out in bizarre, terrifying ways. From bears that speak without batteries to teddies that appear in unlikely places, scary tales about Teddy Ruxpin are all over the Internet. Here are some of the best (and spookiest) tales about the would-be beloved children's toy.

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    The Eyes Glowed Red

    From Redditor/u/farmsfarts

    "One of my church elders in the 1980s told us that a girl had one of these, it turned on in the middle of the night and started talking to her, and the eyes of the Teddy Ruxpin were glowing red..."

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    You Ended My Life Early

    From Redditor/u/Frank Caron:

    "I was cleaning out my parents' attic the other day and I happened to stumble upon an old Teddy Ruxpin doll that I used to have when I was a child. The small, t-shirt clad bear seemed stoic about his attic slumber, but picking him up quickly made the doll rise to life. It began spewing the old lyrics from its majestic past: 

    'Come dream with me tonight
    (Dream with me tonight)
    Let's go to far-off places,
    And search for treasures bright'

    I turned him over and pulled back his shirt, revealing the cassette player enclosure deep within his back. With the slightest of motions, I removed the cassette and silenced the bear forever. It was a sad moment. Alas, in the following days, I've been haunted by his presence. 'You ended my life eearrrllllly,' his eerie voice says to me late at night."

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