30+ Great Teen Drama Movies About Dancing

Young love and a dance floor are all you need to get swept away in the best teen dance movies. The top teen movies about dancing feature young people using dance to express a variety of emotions, from the passion of young love to the drama of interpersonal strife. This is a list of teen dance films featuring favorites like Saturday Night Fever to Center Stage to Save the Last Dance.

What movies will you find on this list of the best dance movies for teens? You might vote the beloved hit Dirty Dancing to the top. “Nobody puts Baby in a corner,” and nobody dances better than Patrick Swayze and Jennifer Grey in this 1987 classic. Footloose – starring Kevin Bacon as the rebellious new kid Ren McCormack – is another good teen dance movie. Sarah Jessica Parker shines in the 1985 movie Girls Just Want to Have Fun. Other good films featured on this top teen movies about dancing list include Battle of the Year, First Position, and Dirty Dancing: Havana Nights.

Which of these teen dance dramas deserves the top spot on this list? That's up to you to decide. Give your personal picks a thumbs up to move them toward number one, and please add any titles that are missing.

Photo: visionofgrace / Pixabay / CC0 1.0
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