29 Times Teens Made Memes That Are Actually Pretty Funny

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Teenagers! We've all been one and yet find the teens of today bewildering. That's because when we were teens we didn't have Reddit. The young adults of today have taken to making memes as seen on the subreddit r/teenagers.  Here are some of our favorites. 

Photo: u/luis-aleman / Reddit

  • 1. Heartbreaking Curriculum

    Heartbreaking Curriculum
    Photo: u/Shady2kOver / Reddit
    1,052 votes
  • 2. Unexpected But Correct

    Unexpected But Correct
    Photo: A Redditor / Reddit
    999 votes
  • 3. I Can Carry All Of The Bags And The Dog Food

    902 votes
  • 4. You Ask The Impossible!

    You Ask The Impossible!
    Photo: u/Subnaut27 / Reddit
    838 votes
  • 5. That Will Show Them

    That Will Show Them
    Photo: u/Kyle_sch / Reddit
    1,014 votes
  • 6. Nice Box

    Nice Box
    Photo: u/FriendF*cker2000 / Reddit
    688 votes