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The Funniest Teen Parody Movies, Ranked

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This is a list of the best teen parody movies. Teen films on their own can run the gamut of being overly dramatic, overly dumb, and sometimes both; thus, teen spoof movies are born. Teen movie spoofs can take seminal moments, tropes, or dialogue from teen movies and turn them into its own comedic currency. The top teen parodies usually assume that its audience is familiar with teen films from the past, which keeps the filmmakers from having to dumb down the jokes. Movies like The Breakfast Club and Risky Business have such memorable scenes, that even if you haven’t seen the films you’ll recognize the references in these funny satirical teen films.

Teen satirical movies are kind of lucky in a sense that teen films can be broken down into multiple subgenres; there’s teen dramas, teen comedies, teen horror, etc. So, they literally have all genres to fall back on, not just John Hughes movies.

So, if your parents are out of town, invite all your friends over to your house to check out the most epic list of the top teen parody films. If you and/or your friends don’t like the rankings, rank the films yourselves and you'll be in with the popular kids before you know it. Don't see your favorite teen spoof movie? Add it to the list and check back to see how other users rank your selections.

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