Which Teen Titan Would You Be, According To Your Zodiac Sign?

Bam! Boom! Pow! The Teen Titans are a teenage cast of colorful DC Comics characters that are always ready to protect planet Earth from whatever dangers the universe throws at them. With its singular crew of superheroes and witty, modern humor, Teen Titans is basically the best superhero cartoon to ever hit the airwaves. Just like each character in the TV show is paired with their own set of rivals and lovers, there's a celestial star sign to accompany them, as well. With a Teen Titan for each zodiac sign, you can find out which superhero, anti-hero, or supervillain you vibe with the most - you know, on a totally cosmic level.

Do ever feel as if you can just completely manipulate the planet Earth? Find yourself compelled to try to talk to fish? No, you haven't been watching too many cartoons; you're probably just on the same astrological plane as Terra or Aqualad. Out of the array of characters that appear in the Teen Titans universe, figuring out your compatible Titan might provide an explanation for your quirky, often super-human behaviors.