15 Fun Fan Theories From Our Favorite Teen TV Shows That We Can't Stop Thinking About

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Of all the genres on television that fans never seem to get tired of, teen tv shows seem to be high on that list. Whether it's relationship drama in high school or supernatural elements that cause characters to miss class, fans are always invested. From unanswered questions to character quirks, some passionate fans managed to come up with some interesting theories surrounding the best teen shows and series.

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    Chuck Was A Real Person Until God Hijacked Him In 'Supernatural'

    Chuck Was A Real Person Until God Hijacked Him In 'Supernatural'
    Photo: The CW

    From Redditor u/MrDrProfTimeLord:

    If Chuck was really God in disguise the entire time, his actions make no sense. Let's look at some of the things Chuck has done:

    • Lived in what looks like near-poverty for apparently quite some time
    • Displayed true shock and remorse at the results of his prophecies
    • Received a prophetic vision and was genuinely disturbed by it when there was no one around to fool
    • Was on the list of prophets, and Cas and the rest of heaven knew everything about him
    • Had an archangel show up to protect him when he was in danger
    • Allowed himself to be bullied on multiple occasions, and in one case it was done by an angel
    • Lived into the future seen in The End and was very miserable, to the point of not even having toilet paper
    • Had his phone stolen by Becky
    • The angels were able to directly manipulate his mind for their own purposes

    How does any of this make sense if Chuck was always God? So my theory is that when we saw Chuck in the early seasons, he was exactly what he appeared to be: a really unlucky human. This lasted up to the end of Season 5. Now, you might be wondering how he could have disappeared from in front of the computer if he was just a normal human. I believe that this was the moment that God got involved. Since taking Sam or Dean would mean putting an end to the interesting events that had been happening, God chose Chuck because Chuck has a front-row seat while being pretty unobtrusive. I believe that God basically held onto Chuck for awhile as events played out. Once events progressed far enough and God decided that he wanted to experience the world in a different way, he fully took over Chuck and retroactively his entire personal timeline (remember, angels can alter time, so just imagine what God can do) for a more complete experience. This removed Chuck from the prophet roster and caused Kevin to become the next prophet.

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    The Meteor Rocks Don't Just Give People Powers In 'Smallville'

    The Meteor Rocks Don't Just Give People Powers In 'Smallville'
    Photo: The CW

    From Redditor u/alexl1994:

    TLDR: The meteor rocks don't just give some people powers, it also changes their personality to make them more violent.

    In the first few seasons of the show, most of the episodes follow a villain-of-the-week structure where someone affected by the meteor rocks (usually a Smallville High student) starts attacking people. In many cases, these people also display unusually aggressive, irrational, or violent behavior, behavior that is a substantial shift from who they were before gaining powers. My theory is that, in addition to giving them abilities, the meteor rocks also change their personality.

    Some examples:

    Coach Arnold (S1E3)

    Tina Greer (S1E4 and others)

    Jeff Palmer (S1E10)

    Eric Summers (S1E12)

    Tyler Randall (S1E17)

    Sasha Woodman (S1E18)

    Justin Gaines (S1E19)

    Ian Randall (S2E9)

    Why else would many of these characters, most of them just high school students, suddenly become violent, abusive, and even murderers? There are certainly cases where the weekly "villain" kills people out of survival (Sean Kelvin from S1E5 or Jodi Melville from S1E7) or its simply already in their personality (Harry Bollston from S1E6), but it seems there are many more cases where we see a dramatic change in these people's characters in addition to developing powers.

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    'Stranger Things' Is Actually A D&D Campaign

    'Stranger Things' Is Actually A D&D Campaign
    Photo: Netflix

    From Redditor u/samdmh13:

    Imagine if each character is actually a character in a game, controlled by players, and what we are actually watching is the campaign. The whole series is 3 separate parties playing together.

    The first party are older members in the group that have played before in previous campaigns (Joyce, Hopper, Bob) who frequently played together but maybe grew apart, but then the person controlling Bob rejoined the party.

    Characters like Jonathan, Nancy, and Steve (and then Billy) have played before together, so they generally party up themselves during this huge campaign, which mirrors the storyline.

    The final party is the younger newbie party, consisting of El, Mike, Lucas, Will, Dustin and Max. They are new, so the gamemaster uses them for his campaign, which includes taking Will, giving Eleven weird powers, and making their friends try to save them without help from the other two parties.

    Each party has their own campaign and goal in mind, but as they continue to play that learn that they have to rely on each other's help for any of them to win the campaign.

    Each season is a different 3 part campaign. With small side quests for certain characters (like when Eleven has to meet up with her long-lost sister in order to be able to rejoin her previous party).

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    Chanel Oberlin Isn't Really As Rich Or Affluent As She Claims In 'Scream Queens'

    Chanel Oberlin Isn't Really As Rich Or Affluent As She Claims In 'Scream Queens'
    Photo: Fox

    From Redditor u/Jareth247:

    On the show, Chanel Oberlin is depicted is a rich AF HBIC-type character, like the worst elements of Angelica from Rugrats and Blair Waldorf from Gossip Girl. She walks around, putting on airs and wearing clothes she claims are given to her by Karl Lagerfeld, as well as being a royal, self-serving b*tch.

    But she's not really rich. While she does have some degree of wealth and affluence, it is nowhere near as much as she claims. She only has just enough money and power to give the illusion that she seeks to enforce. For one, pretty much everyone in the Kappa house comes from at best a well-to-do home, so faking old-money wealth would be easy, especially since most of the genuinely wealth are rather dumb and willing to believe whatever she says.

    For another, if the Oberlins were such a powerful, wealthy family, why did the Radwells act as though they've never heard of the Oberlins? While they claim to be a much older old-money family (claiming to be descendants of immigrants who came over on a boat that came over here BEFORE the Mayflower), they'd still would have heard of the Oberlins if Chanel's claims were true. Also, given her sociopathic tendencies and compulsive lying, such an illusion might not be so hard to maintain.

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    Dan Humphrey Has Dissociative Identity Disorder On 'Gossip Girl'

    Dan Humphrey Has Dissociative Identity Disorder On 'Gossip Girl'
    Photo: The CW

    From Redditor u/WarmTaffy:

    A lot of people think it's crazy or impossible that Dan is Gossip Girl, because why would he do and write all of those things about his girlfriend, sister, father, etc? The only thing that really makes sense is that he has dissociative identify disorder. Essentially, that GG is Dan Humphrey's other personality and he completely separates himself from his Gossip Girl alter-ego because of the secretive nature of the blog. His parents' separation and the stress of St. Jude's caused some kind of psychotic break where he devised the idea of Gossip Girl as a way to cope with his situation. It would explain how he's still surprised by things GG does and how he could write all of things he writes about his sister's sex life, for example.

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    Scott Is Weak Compared To Other Alphas In 'Teen Wolf' Because He Never Gained The Strength Of Anyone Before Him

    Scott Is Weak Compared To Other Alphas In 'Teen Wolf' Because He Never Gained The Strength Of Anyone Before Him
    Photo: MTV

    From Redditor u/Nerdy_Xbox_Gamer:

    One of the most common things hated about Teen Wolf is how Scott McCall is so weak as an Alpha compared to all of the other Alphas but they don't actually realize why he is so weak compared to them. This post is a detailed explanation on why he is so weak compared to them.

    Throughout Season 3a we are hinted to how Scott will be an Alpha. Firstly by Braeden in the hospital. When brought into the hospital, after saving Issac from the Alpha Pack and after being chased by Ethan and Aiden, she tells Melissa that she is looking for alpha. When Melissa asked why she is looking for Derek, Braeden is wheeled away and says "No, not Derek....Scott...Scott McCall". This was our first hint.

    Another hint was when Scott tried to pass the Mountain Ash to save Doctor Deaton from dying. When this happened his eyes turned red and when Alan saw them he was shocked and pleased with it as we learn just after Sheriff Stilinski shoot the rope dropping Alan to the floor, that there is such thing is a True Alpha (Someone who doesn't have to kill to get it, but someone who becomes it due to pure will). We also learn that Deaton has been hoping that Scott would become one. There are also many hints throughout the season.

    When he becomes an Alpha:

    At the end of the season, Jennifer attempts to kill Deucalion to get back at Kali for nearly killing her and get back at him for starting the whole pack killing, evil Alpha phrase. During the ending Jennifer surrounds herself in a circle of Mountain Ash. Again, Scott attempts to pass it and does pass it this time, destroying it whilst doing so. After doing he quotes the line "I'm an Alpha now" "Now get out of here before I kill you myself, I don't care what it does to the colour of my eyes". Deucalion then says "It won't change mine" before slicing her throat open. She eventually makes it back to the Nemeton, however, Peter is waiting there on her and ends up killing her taking her power. This is how he becomes so strong as he receives all of the strength and power she had received through her sacrifices. Not much people actually realise how that is how he got so strong is the later seasons.

    How and Why he is so weak compared to the other Alphas:

    A lot of people wonder why he is so weak and end up asking the question- Why is he so weak? He's a True Alpha? But they don't realise that he become an Alpha without killing someone, instead by pure will. When other Betas kill Alphas and become the Alpha themselves they are not just taking the power of becoming an Alpha but the strength that the werewolf had. When Derek killed Peter and became an alpha, he also took Peter's strength of which he had received when killing other people.

    When Scott became an Alpha, all he received was the power of an Alpha i.e. the red eyes and the ability to turn people into werewolves/betas. He didn't receive any more strength than he already had gained with becoming a Beta. This is why he was so weak compared to other Alphas as they had received more strength than they already had, whenever Scott hadn't. You might be thinking that whenever Scott became the True Alpha he did become much stronger but that wasn't because he became an Alpha, that was because his pack was around him and as we already know, Alphas get stronger in a pack. When fighting alone he is weak but when fighting in a pack, he is much stronger.

    A simple and short answer to his question would be that whenever Betas kill Alphas they also take that Alphas strength along with the Alpha abilities. Scott became an Alpha through pure will, without killing someone, this means he received no extra strength, but instead the ability to cross mountain ash.