17 Teen HBICs You Loved To Hate Watch

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Teen TV dramas hold a special place in many a heart. They're a nostalgia trip, whether you're a millennial, a Gen Xer, or whatever you call the current crop of 'youths.' But what do you remember when you cast your mind back to those heady days of drama-infested CW minefields? Whether it's from TV or film, you remember the mean girls, the antagonists, the HBICs.

You love to hate them. You love to watch them. You can't get enough of their Machiavellian machinations and manipulations, the things that allow them to reign over their social hierarchies uncontested and unchallenged. No one occupies the memory space dedicated to the best teen dramas quite like the most loveable betches on TV do. So let's take a look back at the best HBICs of all time.  

  • Blair Waldorf From Gossip Girl
    Photo: The CW

    Blair may not have originated in the character archetype, but she certainly came to define it in a post-Gossip Girl world. This HBIC doesn't just have her perfectly manicured claws dug into her private school's power structure, she also has a firm grip on all of the Upper East Side, nay, Manhattan. Who else could banish a girl, Little Jenny Humphrey, from an entire city?

    Ruling a high school? Your average, run-of-the-mill HBIC can do that in her sleep. Blair takes this whole deal to another level. She's a literal 'Queen' B. When any other mean girls can claim to run a city, then maybe Blair will watch the throne, but, until then, Manhattan is Blair's to run, and nobody had better cross her.   

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    Santana Lopez From Glee

    Santana Lopez From Glee
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    Sure, Glee was on a deep, deep sliding scale of quality ever since its pilot aired, but the one constant, the only thing that kept a strong subset of the internet watching, was Santana Lopez. As bad as Glee got, her character went from strong to stronger.

    The comebacks, the putdowns, the threats of violence... All of these pushed her ahead of anyone else in the glee club in contention for title of HBIC. No one else brought the betchery quite like Santana.  

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    Chanel Oberlin From Scream Queens

    Chanel Oberlin From Scream Queens
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    No one knows how to sling a hateful line like Chanel Oberlin. One has to wonder if there's a Dorian Gray-esque portrait of her hanging in the attic of her sorority house, decaying with every torrent of scorn she lets spill from her mouth.

    Chanel goes the Heathers/Jawbreaker route of leaving a body count trailing behind her. But remorse? That's not on the menu for Chanel. Though, neither is anything but alcohol and cotton balls by the looks of it.  

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    Allison DiLaurentis From Pretty Little Liars

    Allison DiLaurentis From Pretty Little Liars
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    Oh? Did someone say sociopath? Allison DiLaurentis had a hold on everybody in Rosewood. Manipulation comes as easy to Allison as breathing does to mere mortals. Whether she's messing with her gay bestie who's harboring a serious crush on her, stirring the pot with her big stirring stick, or threatening to spill the town's secrets, she's always being an extremely charming betch.

    The list of people she's blackmailed is as long as the cast list. She drifts around the town in soft-focus flashbacks, cornering people with their secrets, and demanding rewards for keeping quiet. Up until her Rosewood reappearance, she haunted her former clique in hallucinations. Her friends could never quite shake this HBIC.    

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  • Madison Montgomery From American Horror Story: Coven
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    Emma Roberts's portrayal of Madison Montgomery is masterclass in betchery. Roberts has really carved out a niche for herself playing unrepentant sasses on Ryan Murphy properties. Say what you will about the man, but he knows how to write for mean girls.

    Madison is like Chanel Oberlin, if you gave that betch magic powers. And she leaves her fair share of dead bodies in her wake too. She flips a bus full of frat boys and attempts to murder anyone in contention for the title of Supreme. Oh, and at one point in the series she comes back from the dead, meaner than ever. Perhaps, when you're both dead inside and out, there's nowhere for your personality to go other than the hellish depths of betchery.   

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    Cheryl Blossom From Riverdale

    Cheryl Blossom From Riverdale
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    Like Veronica, Cheryl's been around the teen drama world for a while, though only on the page. Now she's blasting onto the small screen and boy, oh boy, does she take the betchy cake right out of Veronica's mouth. These two have had their fair show of showdowns on Riverdale.

    Possible creepy cult membership-status and weird incesty vibes with her dearly departed twin notwithstanding, Cheryl has a pretty hard hold on Riverdale's head betch title. And even if Veronica comes for the crown, rest assured, Cheryl won't be giving up her throne without a fight.  

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