12 TeenNick Shows You Totally Forgot About But Definitely Loved

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When you were a teenager, there was nothing better than watching your favorite TeenNick shows. But then you grew up and went to college or otherwise entered adulthood, and the old TeenNick TV shows just faded from your memory. Over the years, your tastes in music, movies, television and even people have probably changed. But thinking about all of those old TeenNick TV shows definitely brings back some memories.

TeenNick, which later became the N, was known for some really great programming. These shows weren’t just about your first crush and learning how to drive. Many of these shows took on very serious topics that many teens had to go through. From teen pregnancy and abortion to divorce and stepfamilies, the best shows on TeenNick made sure that the big problems of everyday life weren't ignored.

Of course, you remember the bigger shows like Degrassi, but what about the TeenNick shows you forgot about? The series that only lasted one or two seasons may not have been the most popular, but they were still fun to watch. Take a stroll down memory lane with these live-action and animated shows, and vote your favorites up to the top of the list.