List of Famous Bands from Tel Aviv

List of Tel Aviv bands, listed by their level of fame. This Tel Aviv musicians list includes both bands and solo artists. All famous Tel Aviv bands are included, as well as many Tel Aviv musicians of underground status. This list of Tel Aviv musical artists includes information like what genre the artist falls under, what albums they've put out and more. If you want to know more about these famous Tel Aviv bands you can click on their names to learn more about them. Bands from every genre are listed here, including rock, pop, hip-hop/rap, jazz, and more.

These bands, like Ofra Haza and Noa include images when available.

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  • Ofra Haza
    Ethnic electronica, Synthpop, Pop music
    • Albums: Desert Wind, Galbi, Wish Me Luck, Ofra Haza, Today I'll Pray (Oggi Pregheró)
    Bat-Sheva Ofra Haza-Ashkenazi (Hebrew: עפרה חזה‎; 19 November 1957 – 23 February 2000) was an Israeli singer, actress and Grammy Award-nominee recording artist, commonly known as "The Israeli ...more
  • Noa
    Pop music, World music, Jazz
    • Albums: First Collection, Achinoam Nini, Blue Touches Blue, Gold, Le meilleur de Noa
    Achinoam Nini (Hebrew: אחינועם ניני; Aẖinóʻam Nini; born June 23, 1969; known outside Israel as Noa), is an Israeli singer. She is accompanied by guitarist Gil Dor and often plays the conga drums as ...more
  • Arafel
    Viking metal, Black metal, Heavy metal
    • Albums: Second Strike: Through the Flames of the Ages, Through the Flame of the Ages, Skazki Starogo Lesa, For Battles Once Fought, The Way of Defender
  • Arik Einstein
    Rock music
    • Albums: The Songs of Chaim Nachman Bialik, Behind Glasses, Good Old Israel 2, You and I: 1968-1978 Part 4, You and I: 1968-1978 Part 3
    Arieh Lieb "Arik" Einstein (Hebrew: אָרִיק אַייְנְשְׁטֵייְן, pronounced [ˈaʁik ˈaɪnʃteɪn]; 3 January 1939 – 26 November 2013) was an Israeli singer, songwriter, actor, and screenwriter. He was a ...more
  • Yoni Rechter
    Rock music, Classical music, Jazz
    • Albums: Fourteen Octaves, When I Was Kid, Many Faces of Love, Song of Avraham Halfi
    Yoni Rechter (Hebrew: יוני רכטר‎; born 18 November 1951) is an Israeli musician, composer, pianist, arranger and singer.
  • Malka Spigel
    Electronic music, Experimental rock, Electronic dance music
    • Albums: My Pet Fish, Rosh Ballata, Every Day Is Like the First Day, Hide
    Malka Spigel (Hebrew: מלכה שפיגל) is a London-based Israeli musician and artist. She was founding member of the Israeli-Belgian rock band Minimal Compact. She has also worked as a solo musician and ...more