The Best Single Episodes of Television in 2019

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New episodes of any show airing in 2019 that stand out as good TV.

There is so much TV in 2019 it can get overwhelming but even so the best episodes on television in 2019 stand out. From the final episode of a series or season to an episode that just stands out from the rest, the best new episodes on television have you hashing out everything that happened when you're discussing it the next day. Some of these episodes are already in the running for best single episodes of all time.

Episodes like "A Warm Body" stood out, even when binging all of Russian Doll in a day. As with the True Detective episode "The Final Country," it offered a kaleidoscope shift that changed how different elements and characters of the show are perceived. Other great episodes in 2019 managed to end a season satisfactorily while also leaving viewers already amped for the next season such as "Pandemonium" (The Good Place) and "Change Your Mind" (Steven Universe).

Vote up the stand-out episodes of 2019 that were great TV, but keep in mind that we have to explain just how great they are - so spoilers lie ahead.