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All TV Shows That Have Run For 300+ Episodes, Ranked

List RulesEnglish language shows with 300+ episodes. No soaps, game shows, news or variety shows, scripted only.

When it comes to TV shows with the most episodes, daytime dramas always dominate the ranks. But what about longest-running television shows that aren't decades-long daily soap operas? We've put together a list of scripted TV shows have been on so long they've accumulated over 300 episodes!

Even though UK TV shows and dramas from Australia often have shorter seasons than shows from the US, their longest running primetime shows have some of the most episodes, like Casualty and The Bill. A lot of US TV shows with the most episodes ever are police procedural shows and medical dramas, like Law & Order and ER, but the animated sitcom The Simpsons has them beat.

A lot of these longest running programs are off the air, but there are plenty that are still ongoing and adding to their episode count.