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Teller speaks, and there is a 'Teller voice', despite his silence on the Penn and Teller show. This list of times you hear Teller speak ranges from Dharma & Greg to Miami Vice, believe it or not. Just pay close attention and you will hear the man with no voice speak. Source:
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Teller plays an anthropomorphic cat, Mr. Boots, on an episode of Dharma & Greg.

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He speaks in a guest starring role on the "Like a Hurricane" episode of Miami Vice in 1987.

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Long Gone

In the 1987 movie Long Gone, Teller played the son of Henry Gibson (whom he strongly resembles) and deliberately imitated the strong Southern accent Gibson used in the film. Gibson and Teller are both originally from Philadelphia.

Teller speaks several lines at the end of Penn & Teller Get Killed, after playing his usual silent role for nearly the entire movie. Only the last of these lines was spoken in his normal voice. see more on Penn & Teller Get Killed