Total Nerd Ten Rarely Seen Monsters in Fantasy RPGs  

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Anyone who has played or been the DM (or GM if you prefer) of a fantasy role playing game has faced dragons, ghosts, skeletons, zombies, elves, dwarves, bats etc. But, when was the last time you saw the creatures in this list? I've played many RPGs both as video games and as live table-top games, and I've very rarely seen these creatures. Please comment if you've actually played a game in which any of these creatures have appeared to interact with your hero(es).

Note: most of these are taken from the Advanced Dungeons and Dragons Monster Manuals I and II by Gary Gygax. As for the enfield, I have never seen it in any game, yet it is a mythical creature that has been used in artwork by the London Borough of Enfield, various organizations and companies associated with this area of England, and various family crests including one of the families I am related to.

executioner hood


Enfield Town F.C.

Here is an excellent example of a heraldic enfield creature from the crest of the Enfield Town Football Club. An enfield has the head of a fox. the chest and foreclaws of an eagle and the remaining body of a wolf. According to an Irish tradition, an enfield rose from the sea to protect the fallen body of King Tadhg Mór Ua Cellaigh who died "fighting like a wolf dog" at the battle of Battle of Clontarf in 1014. This protection allowed the king's kinsman to remove the body from the battlefield and give it a respectful burial.

I have never seen an enfield in any RPG book, but if I were to give it stats, I would say that it would have a high Armor Class (AC) in the 7-9 range, and able to do 1-10 damage with Bite and Claws. Being an aquatic creature, it would have extra movement in water. Having the head of a fox, it would have a very high intelligence. Being part eagle and part wolf would make it very noble and loyal, very likely making it a lawful good aligned creature.


This is a prehistoric ancestor of the rhino. In the AD&D game, it is herbivorous, but will charge and trample anything nearby. It is neutral aligned with an AC of 5 and deals 5 to 20 damage.

Dinosaurs in general seem to have fallen out of favor in D&D games. I rarely see them used.
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Actually, in the AD&D Monster Manual, Gary Gygax calls it "Black Pudding". This is an actual D&D monster, no kidding! It has an AC of 6 and does 3-24 damage. It's especially able to dissolve wood and metal. It is immune to cold, lightning and physical attacks. It is also neutrally aligned. see more on Chocolate pudding